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About Funding 2020
Funding 2020 was founded by The LADA Group a committed group of fundraisers getting together to tackle fundraising issues. The heart of what we do – coming together to face the challenges we meet as fundraisers.
Our vision: Excellent fundraising for a better world
Our mission: Creating the environment and understanding forBusiness, People

fundraisers to excel We support our members and the wider fundraising community by:
– Creating a better environment for fundraisers to raise money
– Increasing understanding of fundraising
– Enabling fundraisers to be the best they can be

Funding 2020 specializes in “Fund Development” which is the process by which organizations use fundraising to build capacity and sustainability to meet their Mission and Vision Statements

We improve the environment for fundraisers through policy and support. We increase understanding by being a knowledge center for fundraisers and the general public and through setting fundraising standards. We enable fundraisers to be the best they can be by providing Resources, Skills Development and Qualifications.
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We are to help you from start to finish No project is to small or to Big.  Remember!… “The Hardest Part is The Start”

Please Call with any question:(619) 638-4007