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Fundraising For All Sports

Team Sports Fundraising

Schools across the country are feeling the impact of tightened belts caused by reductions in government funding for education.

As high school budgets are trimmed, sports and activities programs continue to feel the squeeze, creating a greater emphasis on fund-raising efforts – both internal and external. For many high schools in this position, successful fund-raising strategies remain time-tested and tradition-based.

Funding 2020 specializes in “Fund Development” which is the process by which organizations use fundraising to build capacity and sustainability to meet their Mission and Vision Statements

Every dollar counts, whether it comes from the dinner auctions and golf outings at the higher end of the dollar spectrum, or the tried-and-true bake sales, car washes and local business coupon cards.

New, non-traditional ideas continue to emerge in the fund-raising field; and while they may not be the right fit for every school, the three fund-raising strategies below have proven to be successful and continue to gain more traction across the country.

Something Corporate (Funding 2020 Cooperative Community Fundraising)

Corporate sponsorship’s were once taboo for high schools, and remain so in some corners, but fund-raising ideas that were once relegated to professional and Division I college teams have trickled into the high school culture.

Corporate sponsorship’s have crept more visibly into high school venues via scoreboard and stadium signage over the past two decades, while a handful of high schools have managed to sell stadium naming rights to corporate partners.

Schools should be open to a means to bring in funds that are so desperately needed. It’s important to break the mold. One of the things we were focusing on was strategies that colleges were using in development. I don’t know how fast it will happen, but with state and federal funding drying up, I think a lot more people will open up to new ideas in corporate sponsorships for high schools” using our Cooperative Community Fundraising.

Beyond the Booster Club

Booster clubs have long been vital to the fund-raising culture of most high schools, and can be the lone source for schools that do not allow their athletic director, coaches or team members to solicit funds. However, the turnover that booster clubs experience from year to year, coupled with sometimes limited resources or expertise in the area, can make it difficult for schools to expect a consistent donation amount from a booster group on an annual basis.

Booster clubs bring great natural energy to fund-raising, “Ultimately though, they are volunteers and an athletic director can’t go to a booster club and tell them they didn’t make their quota for the month.” With our Cooperative Community Funding Four Corners Alliance System you’ll be able to meet all of your funding needs.

Third-party fund-raising organizations like Funding 2020 look to provide that consistency for its high school partners. The fact is that as resources decrease, the responsibilities for athletic director’s increase. “Fund-raising is not usually in an AD’s job description, but is something many of them have to shoulder. Our goal is to save them time while providing resources that may not have been available to the school.”

Local businesses should be investing in their high schools. However, in the current economy, they are scrutinizing

their budgets like never before. They now want to be able to analyze the return on their investment for what was once essentially a donation to the high school. We are able to provide the data that shows them why they should continue investing in high schools.

Crowd sourcing

High school teams and coaches have begun to take notice of crowdfunding, and no, we are not talking about passing the hat for the 50/50 halftime raffle. Crowdsourcing or crowdfunding is a form of soliciting funds on the Internet through any individuals interested in supporting a particular cause. Sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Indiegogo.

The LADA Group uses the Crowdrising Peer to Peer Direct Funding approach. Everybody that participates gets paid so it’s a win-win for everybody.

It’s a $20 one time out of pocket fee to register.

Which one do you need? The real question is yours – WHY YOU NEED THE MONEY? Your why will get you this money.



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