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How It Works

How It Works

Could You, Your Business, Organization, School, Church or any project you are involved in use some Money?

Funding 2020 specializes in “Fund Development” which is the process by which organizations use fundraising to build capacity and sustainability to meet their Mission and Vision Statements

Funding 2020 is a revolutionary fundraising and revenue generation system, that allows you to Raise Money Fast Helping Others and  Linking You, Your Business, Organization, School, Church or any project you are involved in to continued financial health.

How you create revenue

It’s a win/win opportunity:

Funding2020  IS NOT Your Ordinary fundraising Program. This is a Peer To Peer, Giving and receiving, A New Crowdfunding Program;

  1. You INSTANTLY receive donations from other members.
  2. 100% Of All Funds go directly to its members.
  3. ZERO Admin Fees – and is totally free to use.
  4. No SCAMS, No gimmicks, No Hidden Cost.

The Leadership Team provides ongoing conference calls, webinars and training. With a $20 one time donation, this international crowd sharing platform can help you bring in those team members you have been searching for and can give you real Financial Freedom.

How Is This Possible?

This is a Leverage & Duplication System, That Works when followed.

For the first time we can really help each other;  Rather you’re a Business, Organization, School, Church or individual when you make a donation with this system you can help someone and help yourself at the same time.

You only need to get your smartphone contacts to do the same as you…Donate $20.00 one time and they need their smartphone contact list to do the same, Donate $20.00 one time etc.  Everyone who participates can get Paid!

The Best Part…You Control Your own Money. Join Below

An Unique Opportunity Where EVERYBODY WINS!

The tools we provide to ensure your success

Each participant who makes a one time $20.00 Donation gains access to a personal:

  •  Website
  • Virtual Office online to track your money &  program growth
  • Marketing materials to grow your program

WARNING!!: Funding2020 is is not a get rich quick scheme. If you are looking for such, you are possibly looking at the wrong Opportunity. Like any other business opportunity, you have to work to achieve your goals!!


We can, change the world, one donation at a time. Just $20 USD to someone with a need. Share this with the people that make things happen. Give and you shall receive says the Good Book. Let’s prove it to the world. Do it today.

When was the last time you had so much fun giving? CrowdRising Peer to Peer Global platform rocks. Give and receive even more. Start today by donating $20 USD to another CrowdRising participant to show you care.


Not meaning to brag here but you won’t find an opportunity like this very often. If you feel stuck or have you recently lost a job, this is perhaps the perfect time to reinvent yourself. Here’s how. Take the first step to completing your journey. People grow, circumstances change, to cope and thrive you must take stock and of who you are and who you are becoming. The global CrowdRising team is awaiting your arrival. We are standing by to lock arms with you and run side by side.

A Phenomenal growth opportunity awaits you but you MUST ACT FAST!



Feel free to contact us and we will be in touch shortly.Telephone: (619) 309-3184






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