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Your Smartphone and 10 Minutes a Day; Can Put Money In Your Pocket.

Cell phone & MoneyHow The System Works

Get Connected…People Helping People

Before introducing you to our business model, It’s important to first understand the power of Leverage Income….And how it can benefit you financially.

Leverage income can be defined as; The income derived from the efforts of many people All working together as a team.

As Your organization grows, your leveraged income grows as well.

However in order to apply the principles of Leverage income,

You need a proven financial vehicle.

We would Black-woman-on-twitter-1000x666_0like to introduce you to Crowdrising Peer to Peer Direct Funding.

A Simple business Model – Yet A Powerful income leveraging System. You can become An entrepreneurial philanthropist brings innovative ideas and fresh thinking to community or social benefit. Entrepreneurial philanthropists earn profit for the community as a whole and here is how.


WARNING!!:The Crowdrising Peer to Peer Direct Funding  is is not a get rich quick scheme. If you are looking for such, you are possibly looking at the wrong Opportunity. Like any other business opportunity, you have to work to achieve your goals!!

The Crowdrising Opportunity allows you to Turn your One Time $20.00 Investment into unlimited income. In a few months,..yes it’s achievable!


For the first time we can really help each other;  Rather you’re a Business, Organization, School, Church or individual when you make a donation with this system you can help someone and help yourself at the same time.

You only need to get your smartphone contacts to do the same as you…Donate $20.00 one time and they need their smartphone contact list to do the same, Donate $20.00 one time etc.  Everyone who participates can get Paid!

The Best Part…You Control Your own Money. Join Below

An Unique Opportunity Where EVERYBODY WINS!

This is How you can earn through the Crowdrising Peer to Peer Direct Funding Business Opportunity:

Go – do it now. No more waiting around. Crowdrising Peer to Peer Direct Funding is ready to help you change your life .. FAST!

Bottom line – The Crowdrising Opportunity is revolutionizing the way people make money both online and offline.

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A Phenomenal growth opportunity awaits you but you MUST ACT FAST! 

Leveraging is the only way for you to multiple your money… Like the banks.

It’s when you team up with other people with the same purpose that multiplication takes place. Leveraging, is the most effective way to quickly multiply your money, teaming up with like minded people United with the same purpose of gaining real wealth; Only Then, Can multiplication takes place.

 Join The Team, Get Connected! Here is another opportunity to put your money to work for you 365/7/24 without you being there

If you are serious about helping other to help yourself earn funds for your business, organization, church or cash for for your personal needs. Click This Link: Get Connected Join The Group

 As in many things in life, it is important to be knowledgeable about endeavors that can and will change your life.

If you are not raising funds or making any money from that smartphone that you are paying for each month then you missing the boat.

Your smartphone will make money for you if you tell it what to do. Your Smartphone is your new banking system.

Come learn how your money can work for you.

Today you need a System using Technology to grow the money you already have. A system is a way for you to receive your money. If you don’t have a system to receive then you are a part of someone’s system where you just payout and your money never grows.

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