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The Lincoln Project 1024

Join Lincoln High School Project 1024

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Join Project 1024 to help the Lincoln Athletic Initiative with the goal of raising $7,500. for the purpose of supporting the sports department and other student needs at Lincoln high school;

BY Helping the Lincoln Athletic Initiative!  You will also Help yourself,  your organization,  business, church or school raise the funds you might need.  This is truly a people helping people program;   Get Connected !   Everyone who participates will get paid.

It only takes a One Time donation of $20.00 from you to register your contribution. Then we are going to ask you to refer other classmates, family or friends who will do the same.

Then you are on your way to helping Lincoln and yourself, your organization, church or business, also raise funds for their needs. jeff-harper 

The goal of project 1024 is to create sustainable income for the Lincoln Athletic Initiative for the purpose of supporting  Lincoln high school curricula and activities;  Everyone who participates in helping the school achieve this goal can also benefit monetarily in creating income for their self, organization, business, or church.

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The Angel Number 1024?


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